First and foremost, choosing a private coach helps you to find the motivation, determination and ensure regular, and especially safe trainings.I offer a professional tailor-made personal training service in your house, office or in my fitness center MY PRIVATE GYM, 1 chemin du Nant d'Argent 1223 Cologny. I adjust my agenda to your availability and your your routine.This practical side allows you to ensure your follow-up and your personalized program, so quickly to obtain results.Opting for a private Coach is better than doing exercises on your own.Versatile coach graduated from a French University:

  • Bachelor's degree (Licence) in physical preparation,
  • State qualification in Gym Activity Strength and Form,
  • State qualification in the field of kick-boxing.

Experienced of over 10 years in the sports field, I am at your disposal to assist you in your objectives:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Post pregnancy
  • Weight loss
  • Aesthetic limitation
  • A physical training
  • Athletic performance

All your programs are complemented by personalized nutritional advice and monitoring to help you achieve and maintain results.